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Leading Eye Care in Layton, UT

At Layton Visual Center, we combine professional care with the latest technology and a caring approach to deliver outstanding results. Our team works hard to ensure your visit is as comfortable and informative as can be. We care about your eyes, but more than that, we also care about your continued well-being.


Innovative Vision Care with a Community Focus

Our English, Danish, and Spanish-speaking team members are committed to providing you with the best optometry services. With a passion for solving vision problems in a friendly, professional atmosphere, we're your reliable source for all eye health needs. We even invite new patients to join our community, aiming to meet your vision needs and exceed your expectations for what eye care can be.

At Layton Visual Center, innovative care and community spirit meet, producing high-quality vision care you can always bank on.

Pediatric Eye Exams for Young Stars

Pediatric eye exams at Layton Visual Center are more than just check-ups; they're the foundation for a lifetime of clear vision. We tailor the length of eye exams to keep children engaged and at ease, emphasizing a fun, friendly environment while maintaining our commitment to precise, thorough assessments.

Custom Contact Lens Solutions For Keratoconus

Navigating the stages of keratoconus can be a complex journey, but with our special keratoconus contact lenses, clarity is within reach. Our team stays alert to how fast keratoconus progresses, offering personalized lens solutions that evolve with your vision needs.

Look stylish and feel confident while protecting your eyes from UV rays

Comprehensive Treatment of Recurring Eye Infections

If repeat eye infections have been a constant battle, Layton Visual Center is your ally. Our optometrists offer treatment for eye infections, providing targeted care that addresses the root cause and brings lasting relief.


Our dedication to embracing and serving the Layton community is demonstrated in our team's ability to communicate in English, Danish, and Spanish, but even more so through our desire to meet and exceed your expectations.

We delight in offering you an array of significant discounts and benefits. These include a rebate on a year's supply of contacts, an enticing buy one, get one free (BOGO) deal on glasses, and a generous 40% discount on select prescription glasses. Equally important is our deep commitment to supporting underprivileged community members by offering free eye checks, showing our dedication to delivering top-notch vision care to everyone.


Innovative Solutions for Dry Eye

Dry eyes can disrupt your day and impact your quality of life. Our comprehensive solutions, from dry eyeglasses to dry eye drops, offer relief and restoration.

After-Hours Emergency Eye Care

Knowing where to go for emergency eye care is vital for urgent concerns. Layton Visual Center is equipped to provide immediate, precise interventions for eye emergencies, ensuring swift, compassionate care in critical moments, even outside of our normal working hours.

Expertise in Glaucoma Care

As glaucoma care experts, we're committed to early detection, precise diagnosis, and personalized management strategies. Understanding if glaucoma is hereditary allows us to provide targeted care for you and your family, ensuring a proactive approach to preserving your vision.

We (my husband and kids) have been going here for our glasses for years. They are always friendly and make us feel comfortable. We really enjoy coming in for our yearly check-ups. My kids also feel comfortable talking to the doctor about their eyes. I highly recommend them.
2 weeks ago
- Carrie (.

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